Safety Matters

Our Safety Journey runs through every delivery.

Working as a professional driver is to perform one of the most high-risk jobs in Australia. The hazards inherent in our industry require a systematic and professional approach and TOT has actively positioned itself at the forefront of the safety story in transport.

Working with industry partners like WorkCover NSW, we have developed a comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety Management System that underpins each operational step we take. At TOT we have the systems, the infield behaviours and the knowledge to actively manage the risks within your operation.

We can easily integrate your current safety systems and then provide tried and tested best practice to manage our joint due diligence requirements. We employ a number of industry recognised WH&S consultants, they work full time for TOT and their knowledge base adds value to our joint operations.

When you partner with TOT you have access to a significant network of support that can work with you in all areas of WH&S. Whether it is the chain of responsibility basics or incident prevention and notification, we will share our knowledge and experience. Having a ‘Reasonably Practicable’ level of WH&S is just the beginning for TOT, we provide a fully auditable safety system. In an industry full of uncertainty and operational challenges you can be sure that in TOT you have the best possible safety partner.

Our people expect to go home safely every day; our job is to ensure that happens – safe business is good business.

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