Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

All parties in the road transport supply chain are responsible for preventing a breach of road transport laws. Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation in NSW recognises the effects of the actions, inactions and demands of off-the-road parties in the transport chain. Be it the consignor/dispatcher, packer, loader, scheduler, consignee/receiver, manager, as well as the driver and his offsider, all parties must take positive steps to prevent any potential violations of the legislation. TOT takes the approach of being ‘intolerant’ around CoR and we partner with our clients and workers to meet our shared obligations.

At TOT we use a number of policies and procedures developed around CoR to drive the right results infield. We train and educate all our workers, both employees and owner drivers, to ensure that we are proactively driving a culture of compliance. This includes control points such as a structured compliance schedule, where all drivers undergo a full RMS license check every 3 months, to the signing off, by a trained manager, of the driver and offsiders Fit for Duty declaration at loading in the morning. Every day 10% of our fleet undergoes a random vehicle audit to ensure its roadworthiness.

We have a systematic approach to the documentation, induction, ongoing training, supervision, consultation and partnering with our workers which helps form a part of our umbrella of ‘Reasonably Practicable’. This ensures that every person in our chain of supply is doing the right thing from vehicle mass, dimensions, load restraints use and loading fatigue hours through to the hours the driver has worked. This is all part of the system we use to maintain control over every aspect of our operation.

The best system is only as good as the behaviours it can drive infield and our supervisors and senior managers all engage with our wider fleet to ensure we have a compliant culture infield as well as on the loading dock.  We view CoR legislation as the bare minimum of what we need to do every day to keep our people safe.

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