Industry Best Uniforms (PPE)

We know that PPE is the most basic risk control you can have which makes it of critical importance. If a business cannot manage its PPE obligations then it speaks of their entire safety ethos. Drivers in trainers and faded old high visibility shirts have no place in TOT.

TOT believes in getting the fundamentals right and has created the best uniform in the market. A fully compliant uniform designed in part by our driving team. It looks good, wears well, it’s comfortable and it keeps our people safe.

Our teams often work in low light conditions so all our workers wear the latest AS4602:2011 day night strip on their shirts, jackets, jumpers and even their pants. Our operational teams have the latest in safety footwear and as an added security measure, every member of our driver team carries a photo ID card.

Every driver and offsider signs a PPE declaration when they join our team. When you or customers see them, they don’t just act the part, they look the part too.

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