Safety House

To deliver our Target Zero goals we developed a Safety House – a 16 month calendar of workshops, education and development for every worker and PCBU in our network. The Safety House breaks TOT in to separate business channels and outlines all the safety based activities that our people will be exposed to.

The Safety House creates a flexible framework for education and information dissemination to our entire business. While it has set topics and agendas we can include customer specific aspects to any session. We run a number of activities from our Safety House all of which contribute towards continuous improvement. An example is our monthly driver offsider WH&S toolbox BBQ, a forum to discuss safety alerts, site learnings, customer feedback, driver training and contributions from local police or ambulance officers on topics like the importance of taking your breaks and the real world consequences of not doing so.

The Safety House actively facilitates the ongoing reviewing of our policies, Risk Assessments (RA’s) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). It also creates a strong consultative environment as all our workers are engaged in a process where their feedback is sought on every safety protocol we have. The mere existence of a process or method statement is never satisfactory, it must be continually improved as our capability, knowledge and understanding develops. Our Safety House is how we create positive infield operational behaviours.

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